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Teacher Appreciation


Our teachers inspire us in ways that stay with us for years. Recognition of our abilities can go a long way in shaping who we become as adults, and even guide us to what we might do for a living someday. 

The bond between student and teacher is important because they are usually the first people in our lives to encourage us outside of family. Everyone has an inspiring story of a truly great teacher and Little Red Hen staff are more than ready to share.


"In 6th grade, I had a teacher named Doug Whitmore give up his vacation so that I could go to Wood Leaf Summer Camp, because they wouldn't allow me to go during the school year because I was in a wheelchair." 

-Mike B., Staff


"If I had a favorite teacher, it would have to be my highschool english teacher named Mrs. Pool. She recognized that I was interested in writing, and she encouraged my imagination and even took extra steps to encourage me to go into journalism. She organized a field trip to a college where I eventually graduated and got a degree in Journalism from."

-Sam D., Staff


"When I first got into college, I had a Human Behavior Instructor named Mary Anne Kimesh, who helped me out with a lot of things. She tailored the class to help me not get behind on my work and allowed me to write a paper about career goals, because she knew it would help me even though it wasn't really part of the class."

-Andy K., Staff


"Back in college, my english teacher Mr. Osgoode had me read my essay aloud to the class. It was a story I had written about some things that were going on in my life. It made me feel good that he appreciated my writing. He said that it was well-written and imaginative, and I never forgot that." 

-William M., Staff


"I learned a lot from doing ROP back in 7th grade. Its one of the reasons why I became so interested in working with computers." 

-Alex S., Staff


 "My art studio teacher in high school said 'Art students don't go to college to learn art from their teachers, they go to college to learn techniques from the teachers and to be inspired by other students.'"

-Andrea N., Staff Assistant



A great 4th grade teacher once said, "If I only reach 1 kid out of 100 then it's still a productive day." Whether they inspired you, pushed you to find your true potential or talent, or just encouraged you to learn new things, everyone has that one special teacher that they will always remember. Show how much you appreciate them by finding a thoughtful and small gift to remind them why they do what they do.

When it comes to your favorite teacher, your gift should be simple, yet thoughtful. For a new twist on an old favorite, put a fresh succulent inside this Best Teacher Ever or Owl mug. They've taught you a lot-- now teach them-- that you haven't forgotten all they've done. 


Posted by Sam DeLong

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