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National Worship Your Tools Day

Squeezed in between Presidents Day and St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday you’d probably like to celebrate — if you knew about it. March 11th is National Workship Your Tools Day. Although the origin of this day is not known, this holiday should be  — and Hallmark has yet to come out with a greeting card  — it seems like the perfect day to dote on your often-neglected tools.

If you are looking to add some new hardware to your collection, or just start one, you can't go wrong with this 6-in-1 Hammer from Wild and Wolf. Or for that project on the go, check out this selection of multi-tools. Below are some tips to ensure your hardware keeps its lustre and performance for the long haul.

Clean Your Tools

Everyone over at Tools and Trade knows a clean tool is a useful tool.  For most hand and household tools, you should wipe the outside down with a wet rag. You can also use dish soap to work off caked-on grime. Be sure to rinse well with water to ensure all residue is gone. Dry thoroughly to prevent rust. And speaking of rust, a light coat of DW-40 is also good to have on hand to keep the gears and other moving parts moving freely. 

Repair Your Tools

Get new replacement parts, batteries, charging stations, and accessories to keep your tools working efficiently. Buying the small items will help save you money on repurchasing the entire tool later on.

Re-organize Your Tools

After your tools are newly spic and span, make the process easier for the future by keeping your tools organized and rust-free in storage. There are several ways to store tools, and you can get as creative and DIY as you like! The three most popular ways to store tools include large toolboxes, organized shelves or drawers, and pegboards. You always want to ensure that your tools are out of humid places, as the moisture can cause rust and warping. If you choose to store your tools in toolboxes or shelves, use a silica gel pack to keep the moisture away.


Take Photos of Your Tools

While this practice might seem silly compared to the other pragmatic choices on this to-do list, taking photos of your tools is a good way to take a visual inventory of your tool collection, causing you to take a closer at what you have in your trusty workshop. And a little bragging on social media never hurt anybody. 

So whether you are hard at work over at Little Red Hen Tools and Trade, or you are just toiling away in your garage or workshop this March 11th, hopefully, these reminders will help keep your tool collection looking good and working like well-oiled, well tools. 


Posted by Sam DeLong

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