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Retail With a Purpose!

You just might hear or see the phrase “Retail with a Purpose” when visiting one of the Little Red Hen shops here in Chico. Do you know why?

LRH is more than a group of retail stores only selling goods and products to customers for a profit; we are actually a non-profit business with a goal of providing employment to adults with disabilities. So, when you spend your dollars with us you are shopping for a good cause. All revenue earned from sales and our donations are kept within this organization and community to help employ more developmentally disabled adults. This is Retail with a Purpose.

Little Red Hen is here to support our staff and provide a fair, safe, and encouraging work environment where we teach job skills, life skills, and some independent living skills. Staff are not given special treatment, all are expected to be productive and reliable employees. Every day here is a treat for both our staff and instructors as they work together to provide a quality experience for our customers.

Retail with a Purpose!

With 5 Chico locations, each focuses on teaching different skills (horticulture, floral design, website design/maintenance, customer service and inventory). By shopping Little Red Hen you are supporting your neighbors and shopping Retail With a Purpose.

If you haven't already, come by one (or all) or our locations and see why we all are so proud to work for Little Red Hen. Click here to find your Little Red Hen -->

Interesting facts about the benefits of workforce diversity:

  • "Kregel and Tomiyasu (1994) found that employers view people with disabilities as having a positive effect on their entire workforce." read more -->
  • "About 28 percent of working-age adults with intellectual disabilities have never held a job. Even those who do find jobs often end up working only part time and get lower pay than workers without disabilities, the study found. On the positive side, 62 percent of disabled people who work in a competitive setting have been there three years or more, showing they can work and stay with it." read more -->

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