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That's what I'm Taco-ing about

Little Red Hen is celebrating Taco Tuesdays all Summer Long! While it is easy to make tacos a greasy summertime meal, they can also be healthy for you if you choose healthier options. When prepared carefully, they can be an excellent source of protein and fiber.

They Encourage Meal Prep

Whichever kind of Taco-ness you decide on, they are usually prepared using only a handful of ingredients. This translates to small amounts of prep time, making them an ideal choice to sort into containers for your meal prep for the week. 


Extra Fiber included

Beans are a staple for many when making tacos, either included inside the tortilla or a complementary side dish. Beans are one of the best sources available for soluble fiber. Fiber keeps you fuller longer and helps lower cholesterol

Salsa is Corn-y

When adding Salsa, consider making your own; store-bought salsa often contains extra sugar and preservatives. Whether chopped or diced, the key ingredient in most salsa tomatoes and peppers. Skip the trip the store and grab your tomatoes and peppers for your garden with fresh plants from Little Red Hen Plant Nursery.

While traditional salsa is typically made with diced red and green veggies, don't forget about corn salsa! Corn is packed with fiber, with four grams of fiber in just one ear of corn. Even Cornmeal tortilla deliver much more fiber than flour-based ones. Keep those tortillas fresh with this Tortilla Warmer from Now Designs, also available at Little Red Hen Kitchen Store. For extra nutrition, why not add some healthy fats such as an avocado? No kitchen would be complete without this 4-in-1 Avacado Tool from Chef'N. Or make sure to slice them razor thin with the Flexacado Avacado Slicer, also available at Little Red Hen Kitchen Store.

Chicken or Fish? 

If you decide to add meat to your taco, chicken or fish are a much healthier choice than the more traditional choice of beef. Both chicken and fish are excellent sources of lean protein. When cooking chicken for your tacos, remember that grilling or baking is much healthier than frying.

Fish also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which aid in reducing the risk of age-related cognitive problems and boost your memory. The consumption of fish also protects from a number of diseases including diabetes and heart disease has and been shown to keep your vision healthy for longer. With the help of Little Red Hen, make this summer the summer of tacos. Stop by the Taco Tuesday display at Little Red Hen Kitchen Store and make every day Taco Tuesday. 

Posted by Sam DeLong

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